The works of medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas feature the Latin phrase, “sed contra.” It simply means “on the contrary.”

I’ve discovered that some of the biggest insights in life come when you’re willing to go against the flow or question the dominant paradigm.

Welcome to the journey…

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I’m back in the saddle

Now that we’re pretty settled in Wheaton, I’ve decided that it’s time to get back on the bike. The truth is, cycling is the only form of exercise that I *love* to do. At least, I loved it when I was in shape. My initial goal is to get into a regular rhythm of cycling. Not huge distances.

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The power of focus

Focus is a hot commodity Then you’re struggling with focus, where do you go? Probably somewhere quiet. The question is where have all the quiet places gone? In the midst of our overly-connected world it turns out that focus thrives in the absence of external stimulation.   Is there something deeper going on here?   

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Finding the holy in everyday life

Finding Holy in the Suburbs IVP – October 2018 – $16.00 How can we be holy when our lives are a mess? Those who journey through life without succumbing to the vices that are so easy to cultivate, do so because they have paid at least some attention to the ways that Jesus stepped into

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