What is a Christian?

The real question here relates not to "thinking people," but to the definition of words like "Christian" or "Presbyterian." There comes a point when a word loses its power to contribute to the meaningful exchange of ideas. We have reached this point in the mainline churches. Little to no objective referent lays behind a word like "Christian." We live in a day and age where "self-identification" reigns supreme. We see it every time an essayist writes, "I identify as a white, heterosexual protestant." Presumably he does so because he actually is a white, heterosexual protestant. Let us exise the phrase, "I identify as" from our parlance--it's less than helpful.

Vaughan Williams – The Solent (1903)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA2l0cNZSH8   Click above to listen to Ralph Vaughan Williams' The Solent, Impression for Orchestra (1903). The piece is a musical reflection on The Solent, the body of water that stretches between mainland Britain and the Isle of Wight (see map below). If it's possible to feel a fondness for a body of water; I … Continue reading Vaughan Williams – The Solent (1903)

What's wrong with the Belhar confession?

@jeffgissing Introduction All creeds and confessions are created in a context, and that context is important both in understanding them and applying them to the life of the church. Some creeds and confessions manage to plumb the depths of the faith in a way that remains true across many times and many cultures. Others, are … Continue reading What's wrong with the Belhar confession?