Hi, I’m Jeff Gissing. It’s great to meet you! Let me introduce myself.

I’m husband to Anna and father to Nathan (9) and Eliza (7). Marriage and fatherhood are two of God’s greatest gifts to me. My life is incalculably better with these three special people in it than it otherwise would be.


Writing is a significant part of my ministry. My work has been featured in Sehncsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal, The Englewood Review of Books, and on Juicy Ecumenism (blog of the Institute of Religion and Democracy), worldviewchurch.org (blog of the Chuck Colson Center for Worldview, a ministry of Prison Fellowship), Layman.org (the online version of the Presbyterian Layman), RealClear Religion, Virtue Online, and The Aquila Report among others.

My love of ideas, books, and writing, led me to join InterVarsity Press. I work with IVP Academic connecting great books to readers who need them.

This is my personal blog–an online space in which I try to give expression to an intelligent evangelical faith through the lens of scripture, tradition, and reason.

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Glad you dropped by!

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