Marketing Projects

Marketing Projects

Marketing Projects 2018

Ever wonder what a marketing manager actually does?

Marketing managers develop and execute (in partnership with other departments) a marketing strategy defined to make a particular book visible to those audiences for whom the book would add value. 

The end product most often associated with marketing is advertising content marketing.

You’ll find representative ads from marketing campaigns I’ve run in 2018. IVP Academic publishes approximately fifty titles per year (including both books that we originate and those to which we acquire rights).

American Association of Christian Counselors – Program Guide

Focusing on best-selling general titles and new academic counseling and psychology texts.

Christianity Today – Cultural Engagement Campaign

Breaking the Marriage Idol and Mere Science and Christian Faith (IVP Books)

Didaktikos – An Intro to the NT (2d) – Campaign

Evangelicals Magazine, National Association of Evangelicals

Summer 2018 – Science and Faith Campaign


American Library Association – June 2018 – Religion Issue Ad Campaign

Sojourners – Homeland Insecurity