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If you’re the sort of person who realizes that creative freedom comes from clarity and a calm assurance that you have a system to capture and then fulfill goals and obligations then you’re the sort of person who will enjoy what I’ve come to think of as my productivity secret weapon, the Rocket Book.

If you’re not familiar with Rocket Book here’s how the company describes the product:

The Rocketbook System is the combination of a special notebook and a free mobile app. Write notes and create designs in your notebook with a pen. Then, using patent-pending image capture technology, the Rocketbook app accurately and quickly captures and sends your notes to pre-configured cloud services

The beauty of the Rocket Book is it’s combination of (1) the tactile experience of writing handwritten notes, (2) a quick searchable way to digitize and store the notes in pre-selected locations, and (3) the ability to erase the notes and reuse the notebook’s pages infinitely.

Watch the video:

The possibilities for this product are amazing. I’ll be writing more on how I’m using this notebook in the near future.