Five rules for leaders on Twitter

January 21, 2019 Jeff 0

Read this in 2 mins Good leaders are in it for the long-term and not to quickly build a following on the basis of point-scoring from others. Good leaders care about those around them–including those they interact with on Twitter–and desire to positively influence them. It’s always good to remember that our fight or flight response was designed for saber tooth tigers, not conversations on Twitter. 

The church’s next move in the current crisis

December 10, 2018 Jeff 0

Read this in 3 mins The kind of difference I’m talking about is not marked primarily by vestments, by latin words and phrases, or by a churchly calendar. It is, instead, a difference marked by an experiential encounter with the grace and glory of God–J. C. Ryle refers to it as a “habitual communion”–that produces a change far deeper than ecclesial practices. It creates the willingness to lose our lives for the glory of God and for the sake of the world.

Beware the lie

December 5, 2018 Jeff 0

Read this in 1 min I picked up a collection of the late John Webster’s sermons published by Lexham Press under the title Confronted by Grace (2015). The first sermon in the […]

We have forgotten how to make critical distinctions

November 24, 2018 Jeff 0

Read this in 3 mins That little work “okay” carried with it the (modern) human impulse to make a conversation partner feel better about himself and avoid the perception of a negative judgment. Here’s the thing though, “okay” also carries with it the possibility of cheap grace and shrouds a relatively clear scenario in an unnecessary moral opacity.