Hi! I’m Jeff Gissing. I pastor a Presbyterian church in the western suburbs of Chicago and I write about pastoral leadership and theology.

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We’re called to put racism to death

A fundamental theological conviction of the Christian faith is that all humanity is created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). In light of the death of George Floyd, however, I feel I need to be more specific. Black men are created in the image of God and, as a consequence of this, not only are we to honor this image in them but also to treat them with the dignity that has been bestowed upon them by their creator.


The golden mean

The obstacle is the way

When your world changes

This Sunday we continue the Jesus story beyond his crucifixion. At first glance, it’s easy for us to think that we’d somehow perform more admirably than Jesus’ disciples. Surely we would have caught on to Jesus’ identity as Messiah and his mission to save a people for God. In truth, we’re not different from those

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Let your people grieve

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