Rushing is easy

Rushing is easy

It’s easy to rush.

The world around us values and validates those who quickly move through life.

The problem is, those who rush seldom leave an impact. 

They don’t leave an impact on other people. They don’t leave an impact on their company. They don’t leave an impact on their industry.

Rushing is the easy way out because rushing can only happen when we fail to do the hard work of saying ‘no.’

No to the status quo.

No to the same old, same old.

No to the good but not great.

No to the noise.

Saying no to these distractions will free you up to say yes to things that are significantly more valuable.

Yes to the bright idea that gets your attention while you ride your bike.

Yes to the conversation with a colleague that inspires you to try something new.


So, will you do the hard work of slowing down?

Or, are you happy producing widgets on the assembly line of life?