On my reading list for 2011

As we get closer to 2011, here are some books I’m reading through at present and some more that I plan to read in 2011:

Currently reading:

  • John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress.
  • Derek Prime and Alistair Begg, On Pastoring.

To read in 2011:

  • Wesley Willmer, ed. Revolution in Generosity.
  • Everts and Schaupp, I Once was Lost (re-reading)
  • Etienne Wegner, et al., Cultivating Communities of Practice.
  • David Platt, Radical.
  • Hunter, The Celtic Way of Evangelism.

On friday’s we’ll be digging into this list (as it grows) to review and recommend books that you might find helpful for life and ministry.



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