How to tell if you’re really human

One of the myths of our contemporary culture, beyond perpetual youth, is that of unlimited capacity. Maybe I’m just getting older, but I find that one of the elements of modern life that is profoundly inimical to real spiritual health is busyness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily talking solely in terms of how much you are doing. It’s quite possible to do very little and still be busy. Busyness is a state of mind and of soul as much as it is a condition of the calendar.

To be really human means to have limits. One of those limits is to our capacity for unceasing labor, mental or otherwise. If you find yourself persistently busy, ask yourself: am I failing to acknowledge my creatureliness?

If the answer is yes. Take steps to correct your tendency, perhaps by mapping out your week so that you intentionally make time for all of those important things as well as the urgent.

You might also introduce the spiritual discipline of regular periods of prayer throughout your day as a way to reconnect with God and move into a greater sense of peace as you go about the work God has given you.

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