Space for creativity

I recently discovered The Accidental Creative, a blog for people who work in creative fields. I’m convinced that the work of a pastor is creative — there’s more connection between pastoring and art than there is between pastoring and business.

One of the snares of good pastoral work, a snare that has it’s grip on me at the moment, is busyness. A friend posted this as his Facebook status recently: “If the devil cannot make you sin, he’ll make you busy.” When we’re busy we tend to ignore the things that make us effective, the wellsprings of our pastoral creativity.

That’s why I appreciated this post at The Accidental Creative. In order to find inspiration to write, preach, cast vision at a meeting, or speak into the life of a friends, it’s important to keep room for these sources of inspiration.

How do you keep room for creativity in your own life and work?

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