Five reasons you should have a personal development plan

I’m on my way home from three days of leadership meetings for ministry in which I serve. We’ve focused our attention on creating a culture of leadership development. We heard some excellent presentations from several key leaders within our movement as well as very effective training in a variety of skills related to our theme.

One of the keys to creating a culture of leadership is giving staff and supervisors permission to invest in themselves by creating a personal development plan (PDP). A PDP is a tool that allows us to identify some key areas of work and life where we wish to invest strategic effort in the hopes of becoming more effective in work and life.

I think that PDPs are a really powerful way of investing in ourselves and creating the mental environment in which change can really begin to happen.

So…here are five reasons that you should get a personal development plan:

5 – It narrows the scope of your focus–excluding is a helpful exercise
4 – Ultimately we each have to take ownership of our story
3 – Consider the value year-over-year of small changes–it could be significant
2 – It allows us to introduce conversation partners into the process of change more easily
1 – It is concrete, measurable, and transferable

Do you have a PDP? How has it helped you grow?

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