A brief hiatus

I’m back from a brief blogging hiatus prompted by several things:

  • The death of my 90 year old grandmother and a family trip to Quarryville, Pennsylvania for her funeral.
  • A scheduled vacation for some home improvement projects, which included hanging three new light fixtures (replacing some very dated original lights from 1941) and painting three rooms. I also threw in seeding the front yard–we know how to have fun around here!
  • My general sense of malaise about the current state and future of the Presbyterian Church USA. It is possible to read too much. I reached information overload just prior to my vacation and unplugging from things Presbyterian was good medicine for a season.

I’ll be posting some thoughts about some of these things in the coming days. At the moment, I am enjoying the Lenten season and seeking to grow in being present to those around me (and to God) by fasting from Facebook. I will be blogging here regularly and automatically posting to Facebook, but I won’t log in. So…if you comment on a post in Facebook, I won’t see your comment.

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