The power of perspective

I travelled to New York several weeks ago for a conference. As I drove to the airport early on the morning of my flight, I encountered fog as thick as pea soup.

I was certain that my flight would be delayed, but amazingly it wasn’t. We rolled down the runway for takeoff, runway lights on their brightest setting, and took off.
Incredibly, at about 500ft the fog disappeared–it was a clear early-morning sky. As I looked at the hangars and parking lots below I noticed that the fog remained, hovering like a cloud on the ground creating halos around the lights beneath me.
My perspective had changed and that change made all the difference.
How do you keep perpsective?
  1. Remain connected to God through prayer and the Word
  2. Nurture your relationship with your spouse
  3. Invest in regular, intentional solitude
  4. Take good vacations
  5. Invest in deep friendships
  6. Exercise routinely (preferably a form you enjoy)

How do you keep perspective?

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