Sabbatical – The first 48 hours

You may have noticed that things are a little slow here this week. Here’s why. Yesterday I started a six month sabbatical leave granted by InterVarsity after having completed seven years of service.


I’m 48 hours into the sabbatical and enjoying it so far. The month prior to leaving was crammed full of administrative work–annual reviews, fundraising, reports, handing off job responsibilities for my campus work and my management responsibilities. I even threw in guest preaching at a church in Virginia. I know, crazy right? It was quite stressful, especially since traffic here really took off with my post “Why I won’t be going to Chick-fil-A today”–it got about 2,000 page views (no celebrities or established bloggers linked to the post, just friends sharing with friends–thanks all!). That’s not news for a superstar blogger, but for a small fish like me it’s pretty great.

I guess I’m pretty used to humming along because all of a sudden, sabbatical started and I kept the pace up for these last two days:

-Cleaned the refrigerator
-Cleaned out the basement
-Made two loaves of bread
-Did our grocery shopping
-Ran a bunch of errands

One of the things I need to experience during this sabbatical is a slowing down into a more intentional, balanced, restorative, and sustainable rhythm of life.

Pray for me!

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