Why introverts make great pastors

Jeff Gissing

by Jeff Gissing | @jeffgissing

Our culture struggles to recognize the value of introverted people. Church, especially, can be a difficult place for introverted people to feel valued. I know. I’m an introvert in ministry. To some people the idea that someone who derives strength from solitude could be a minister beggars belief. Introverts are fine, they think, we just don’t want one as our pastor. There are two reasons that this is wrongheaded. First, it confuses introverted with being socially awkward. Second, it ignores the fact that much of great pastoral value is done or created in isolation (think, prayer and study). I think it’s time to embrace a deeper vision for pastoral ministry–one that places a higher value on prayer, study, and thoughtful leadership.

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul reminds us that the body of Christ (the Church) is complex organism, a complicated family, that exists and carries…

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