More on Chinese sewer baby

More details are emerging about the mother of the now famous Baby No. 59, the newborn who was rescued from the L-bend in an apartment toilet yesterday. For more details on the original story, go here.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is reporting that the mother of the child was the woman who alerted authorities to the situation. She was present during the entire period of the rescue, but did not admit to being the mother until police confronted her, threatening her with a medical examination.

From the CBC:


“Zhezhong News said the woman is a high school graduate who works at a restaurant in the Zhejiang province city of Jinhua. She said she became pregnant after a one-night stand with a man who later denied any responsibility. The woman did not reveal the pregnancy to her parents. She also said she wanted to raise the child but had no idea how to do it, according to local reports….

…The baby’s mother told police she cleaned up the scene in the toilet after the delivery and that she had managed to hide her pregnancy by wearing loose clothes and tightly wrapping her abdomen, Zhezhong News said.”

This story is complex. It is shocking. Among other things, it reminds me that there is much pain in the world. I don’t whether this mother meant for her son to die in that drain pipe. She claims no; it was an accident. What I do know is that Jesus loves her, and he loves her little boy too.

My prayer is that out of the darkness of this moment, some good may come into the lives of all the participants in this story. In reality, each of us is like this mother. We’re facing a lot of complex situations and problems that are beyond our control. It may look different, cleaner, but really, if we sit with it for a moment we know that we can be just as panicked as this mother. Our hope is in Jesus, the one who enters our panic and calms the waves, helping us to know that since we are his, the battle is already won.


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