Update – 2012-2013 Donor Report

2 Replies to “Update – 2012-2013 Donor Report”

  1. This may sound like a silly question but are you on staff w/ InterVarsity? If you are, I assume that you raise support just like any other missionary.

    My niece, a Millennial, is on Staff w/ Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Colorado Springs, CO. That is the way it works for them. They are not paid a salary. They raise support from people who believe that God has called them to be involved financially w/ the ministry.

    It sounds like things are going great!!!

    Para-Church Ministries have had a big impact on my life. I am old! I went to InterVarsity’s Missions Conference in Champagne, Ill. in December, 1976. It was -40 below o w/ the wind chill factor. This Southern Gal thought she would freeze to death. I kept saying—why would anyone want to live here???

    I think that each Para-Church group has their niche. I believe that InterVarsity’s is the most Christian Intellectual Para-Church group. They seem to appeal to the bright, smart, thoughtful students kind of like you. The students of Dr. Francis Schaeffer not by default but by nature.

    Thanks for sharing! No job–little money. What I can give goes to Sarah Leigh Smith—Area Representative for FCA in Colorado Springs, CO.

    God bless you!!!


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