Providence is seldom early…

I was listening to Pandora as worked yesterday. As I listened a familiar song came on. One of its lines arrested my attention, “providence…[is] seldom early, never late.” Providence is God’s fatherly care and guidance of his children. In a larger sense, it’s God’s rule of the world. As the Westminster Shorter Catechism puts it:

Q. 11. What are God’s works of providence?
A. God’s works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions.

Providence is God’s action in the world. And so the line takes on special significance when understood in this light. God seldom acts early, but he never acts too late. As you consider your life, your sense of direction and purpose, the challenges that you’re experiencing or those around you are experiencing–take comfort that though God rarely acts early, he never acts late.

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