Last week I had a conversation about how the inherent connection between discipleship and mission. Discipleship without mission is egocentric and mission without discipleship is guilt-inducing. What do you think?

Jeffrey B Gissing

In yesterday’s post I said that Reformed spirituality can make a unique contribution to missional discipleship. Missional discipleship is a way of being apprenticed to Jesus that manifests a healthy rhythm of contemplation and action–inward and outward engagement–in service of the mission of God in the world. After all, as I mentioned yesterday, John Calvin didn’t so much denounce the spirituality of the monastics as he sought to democratize it by bringing it to all Christians.


Reformed spirituality can make some unique contributions to missional discipleship in several ways:

-It’s emphasis on the priesthood of all believers. Each believer is, through the mediating work of Jesus, able to approach God. Each believer is gifted with the Holy Spirit in order to both convict of sin and empower for ministry. As a result each believer is a minister, a missionary sent to do the work of the kingdom in all of…

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