The pastor’s marriage


Our marriages are meant to be our first ambition in life. When we marry we make a vow to love our spouse exclusively until we die. That vow informs every decision we will make the rest of our lives….In the same way, if we are married, we have made a vow. That vow informs every decision we make. The pace of the church, and our commitments, take into account our call to be a sign and wonder for Christ through our marriage. We publicly vowed to make visible something invisible (the love of Jesus for His church) through our physical, earthly relationship.

For this reason, if we are married, our first ambition is not our work as pastors or leaders. It is Jesus and our marriage. These are inseparable commitments for all married people – especially leaders. All our fruit for Christ flows from this fountain of love.


Pete Scazzero




One Reply to “The pastor’s marriage”

  1. PCUSA made a tragic mistake if they cobbled together the words “traditionally Biblical Marriage” when they recently approved same sex marriage and called it a marriage (suggesting on equal terms). It’s one thing to ask what God intended when the gifts of sexual orientation were bestowed. It leaves some room for meaningful relationships.

    It’s another to ignore clear words of scripture that say God intends a special relationship between the union of a man and a woman. …and that Jesus’ relationship to God’s people is intended to be like that. God seldom speaks to his people so clearly through the Bible than on this subject. The relationship granted to same sex couples might have all the weight of civil law for any other couple. I can respect that. But it is not a Christian union.

    Words matter. Is same sex marriage working from some new non-traditional Bible?


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