Because you are but a young man, beware of temptations and snares; and above all, be careful to keep yourself in the use of means [of grace]; resort to good company; and, howbeit you be nicknamed a Puritan, and mocked, yet care not for that, but rejoice and be glad, that they who are scorned and scoffed by this godless and vain world, and nicknamed Puritans, would admit you to their society; for I must tell you, when I am at this point as you now see me, I get no comfort for my soul by any second[ary] means under heaven but those who are nicknamed Puritans. They are men who can give a word of comfort to a wearied soul in due season, and that I have found from experience….

John, First Viscount Kenmure (1599-1634)20120718-115818.jpg