Stephen Fry’s indictment of God

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

Ps. 14:1 ESV

I’ve always liked Stephen Fry. He has a brilliant comic wit (see Jeeves and Wooster) and, moreover, is a thoughtful and intelligent cultural commentator. Apparently, he also has issues with God. When asked the “pearly gates” question in an interview here’s how he responded:

His riposte to God: “How dare you? How dare you create a world in which there is so much misery that is not our fault? How dare you!”

He goes on to call God “capricious, mean-minded, and stupid.”

His interviewer responds, “You think you’re going to get in?” Fry’s rejoinder is powerful: “No. I wouldn’t want to, not on his [i.e., God’s] terms, anyway.”

One Reply to “Stephen Fry’s indictment of God”

  1. Sad. So very sad. I hear the pain in his voice and want to let him know that God hates those bad things as much as he does. But, of course, God isn’t the source of those awful things. Our sin has made all of that possible. Fry hates God for those things when, in the future, it is God who will wipe them all away.

    I find it interesting that Fry feels the same way God does and yet hates the idea of a loving God. While Fry and God are opposites, they have more in common than Fry realizes.


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