How Lent puts us in touch with our limitations

Lent is about acknowledging our limitations–we are finite, we sin, we will die. It is also about acknowledging God’s limitlessness–God is all-powerful, God is all-loving, God is all-forgiving. At the imposition of ashes last night at FPCB we affirmed, “Ashes, the sign of your need. The cross, the sign of God’s love.”

Jeff Gissing

Yesterday morning I took some time to walk down the hall to the small chapel in the church building where my office is located. It’s a special place for me since I was ordained as a teaching elder there several years ago. Going there helps me both to connect to God and also to remain connected to the vows I took when I became a minister. 

In my prayer time I used the 1928 version of the Book of Common Prayer. Some consider this prayer book to be outdated and prefer the 1979 version that contains more modern English. Others find that the language of the later prayer book is too common and others claim that alterations in the liturgy there reflect alterations in the church’s theology.

I’m not competent to judge the merit of either of those claims. I do, however, find the older English of the 1928…

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