Why I deactivated by Facebook account

official-facebook-logo-slideLast night I decided to take action on something I’ve been contemplating for a while: I deactivated my Facebook account. My next twenty days will be Facebook free. Here’s why:

  1. To be a better steward of my time. There are other, better things I can be doing.
  2. To be a better husband and father. Attention is the biggest gift we can give our wives and children.
  3. To spend more time in prayer. Facebook has edged its way into the parts of the day typically used for prayer.
  4. To better manage my energy. There are better, truly restorative things I can do.
  5. To cultivate a positive attitude. Lately Facebook has felt like a public squabble.

What about you? Have you ever taken a Facebook fast?

4 Replies to “Why I deactivated by Facebook account”

  1. Jeff I am sure this was not an easy decision, as I think I know how much you like to write. Your reasons stated were well thought out. Thank you for giving others lots to ponder.

    Blessings and hugs , Betsy

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  2. Wow. You make a compelling case. I realize I’ve become way more pulled into FB in the past six months or so. One of its detriments is that I use it at a substitute for sharing things with my extended family. For a few years, we’d send group emails with our latest news and now I feel “satisfied” having posted stuff on the wall. You’ve got me thinking. Thanks for the post.

    Hey, where’s the “like” button on here, anyway? 🙂

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