It’s time to end human trafficking

Krin Vantatenhove writes the following about an important initiative:

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), spurred by its General Assembly, is seeking to become more aware and involved at every level of the denomination.

This is a kairos moment, a ‘right time’ for Presbyterians to engage human trafficking,” says Shannon Beck, PC(USA) reconciliation catalyst. “Our national and international work is colliding and forming a network of Presbyterians committed to it. So it isn’t so much about creating something new as much as channeling that work already being done to make it more effective. God’s river of justice is already roaring. We are just grabbing hands to jump into it together.”

The PC(USA)’s Human Trafficking Roundtable provides core leadership, resources, and partnerships with agencies around the globe. In addition, several presbyteries have hosted regional convocations on trafficking. A handful of congregations are now including trafficking as a primary mission focus. The momentum is growing.

A couple of years ago I took part in a continuing education seminar designed for medical providers, aimed at helping them to identify patients who were the victims of human trafficking.

It was eye-opening.

As I said in a recent sermon, there is no reason that we have to choose between the future promise of the resurrection and living out the value of the kingdom in the here and now.

I applaud this effort! At a local level, I’d like to see partnership between faith communities, medical providers, the government, and other involved parties to both share information and raise awareness of this blight on our community.


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