The Great Ebook Battle of 2016


Tim Challies is selling his library and “going all-in” with Ebooks.

Meanwhile, Michael Hyatt has announced he is shelving his Kindle and returning to print books.

What’s going on?

Tim Challies: New Wine for New Wineskins
Challies says Ebooks are the way of the future. People fail to see the Kindle’s superiority only when they compare their reading device to the older experience of having a book in hand. He writes:

We tend to want the new medium to mimic the old one and judge the new in light of the old. What we fail to account for are the ways in which the new is superior, in which the new is something entirely new. When cars were first invented, people called them “horseless carriages” and judged them in light of the horse and carriage. But over time they proved their superiority and we forgot all about that older technology. We stopped thinking about the new technology in reference to the old. I think the relationship of book to ebook will eventually prove similar.
Michael Hyatt: The Old Is Better
On the other side, Hyatt lists eight reasons that explain why he is returning to print books, and, as Challies point out, his reasons focus primarily on the inferiority of the Ebook.

Ebooks are out of sight and out of mind.
Ebooks engage fewer senses.
Ebooks make it easier to get distracted.
Ebooks result in less retention and comprehension.
Ebooks feel too much like online reading.
Ebooks are more difficult to interact with.
Ebooks are more difficult to navigate.
Ebooks provide less satisfaction in finishing.

Challies disagrees with almost all of Hyatt’s reasons. In fact, he claims Hyatt’s article “helped seal his decision” to dispense with his library in favor of digital reading.

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