Today’s prayer of adoration

Prayer of Adoration | August 21, 2016

Our Gracious Heavenly Father–
We gather for the purpose of exalting you
and giving you the honor that is your due.

And we approach you in prayer
we do so in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ–
we cling to his perfect life, credited to our account;
his sacrificial death, that put to death our sin;
his resurrection, that points to our own resurrection;
and, his ascension, through which we have been given
the gift of your Spirit to aid us in our weakness,
to convict us of our sin, to empower us for ministry.

Each of us has tried so hard, so many times
to run from you and to worship ourselves.
Yet, for those of us who are in Christ Jesus
we have found that there is no where we may go
that you are not already there ahead of us.

If we try to ascend to the heavens, you are there.
If we make our bed in the depths, you are there.
If we rise with the dawn, or settle on the far side of the seas–
already, you are there and you will guide us and direct us.

No place is so dark that it can overwhelm your light.
No light is so bright that your light is not brighter still.
Darkness is as light to you, and lightness is as the dark.

We praise you that you have not left us alone, to our own
We praise you that you stand willing to rescue us from sin
and death.
We praise you that your love and grace are irresistible.
Accept now, O Lord, the praises of your people.

Through Christ we pray.

(adapted from Psalm 139)

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