Friday News Roundup

Who is to blame for Colin Kaepernick’s plight? George Yancey says, ironically, it’s the left.

“So if you want to know who is responsible for creating an environment where Kaepernick may not get a job, then please stop looking towards conservatives. They did not sabotage free speech in this way. It was the anti-free speech left that did this. I think a lot of Christian conservatives would be quite willing to call a truce on getting people fired for their political or religious opinions. I am not very confident that those invested in firing conservative Christians, who affirm traditional morality, feel the same way. Maybe if a couple more political progressives lose their jobs, then that will change.”

Leroy Barber disagrees and calls for a boycott of the NFL:

Screenshot 2017-08-04 10.17.00.pngThe real cost of college  – the-true-cost-of-college_pdf


The #1 reason churches end up in court – It used to be child sexual abuse now its something altogether more mundane – link


The Curious Case of the Overdue Manuscript – David Congdon discovers a contract that remained unfulfilled 30 years later – link


Christian Colleges and Sexuality – can Christian colleges agree to disagree on sexuality?

Carl Trueman of Westminster Seminary thinks there’s no room for negotiating or offering compromises with proponents of GLBTQ on the college campus – link

“The desire expressed by some to dialogue with their opponents on this matter is not a good sign. At worst, it represents the cynical prelude to capitulation: “We listened, we heard, we changed.” At best, it represents a miscalculation based upon the naïve idea that both sides have some level of mutual respect and an interest in co-existence. There is no evidence that this is the case, and now that the Southern Poverty Law Center regards the Alliance Defending Freedom as a “hate group,” I might suggest that such optimism verges on criminal negligence.”

Rod Dreher agreeslink.

Bethel professor Chris Gerhz, on the other hand, disagreeslink.

“I don’t believe that marriage, sexuality, or gender identity is anywhere near “the heart of the Gospel.” But as a Christian university professor who annually reaffirms a lifestyle covenant reserving sexual activity “for monogamous, heterosexual marriage,” I fully understand the seriousness of this debate. And while I would hate to deepen Christian disunity over those issues, I know that they’re hardly matters indifferent for many of my sisters and brothers in Christ: those who see this as a test of fidelity to Scripture and tradition, those who believe anti-LGBT discrimination violates biblical principles of human dignity and social justice, and least of all the queer Christians who simply want to study or work on campuses like mine.”

A PhD on welfare – it happens more than you’d think –  link

“In this most recent situation, my first caseworker at the welfare office was confused, she called me on the phone one day to ask about why in a supplemental document she had requested I had referred to myself as a “Dr. Sanchez” and asked if I was a doctor why wasn’t I practicing….”


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