To Wheaton’s cultured despisers

The news broke yesterday that the DuPage County District Attorney has secured warrants for the arrest of five Wheaton College football players for alleged criminal acts in connection with a 2016 incident of hazing.

Its been covered by both the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.

You can read the accounts linked above for the details of the allegations. As disturbed as I am about incident itself–which is rather a lot–I am also disturbed by behavior of certain Christians to this incident.

You might think that I’d point my finger at those defend Wheaton at all cost. Nope. There are problems with such a view to be sure. But what really gets me is the glee that seems to flicker across the fingertips of certain Christians as they prognosticate about the Wheaton matter.

In their view this incident is proof of the toxicity of American, white, evangelical, private college sports–an intersectionality of shame, if you will.

If social media is any indication there are many who call on Christ as Lord who also wish for nothing more than the discrediting of institutions like Wheaton.