Can I help you buy a book?



I’m writing from Nashville and the annual meeting of the American Association of Christian Counselors. We’re here selling a wide range of IVP books on topics related to psychology, counseling, theology, integration, contemporary issues and more. 

This is my first conference actually selling books. Its nice to talk with people who are looking across our tables, asking questions about our books, reminiscing about favorite authors, and finally handing cash or card to buy them and take them home with them to read or to share.


Marlene stopped by and was amazed to discover a copy of The Magic Bicyclea book she’d read to each of her kids some thirty years ago. “They’re going to be so excited,” she said. “Perhaps they’ll read it to their kids.”

Ginger came to buy a copy of Al Hsu’s book revised and expanded book, Grieving a Suicide.It’s going to be the perfect book to augment my primary textbook for a class that I’m teaching on grief and loss.”

Unknown.jpegThen there’s the palpable excitement of a new, ground-breaking or conversation-shaping text.

Eric Johnson’s magisterial God and Soul Care (September 2017) is that book. Building on the project he started in his 2014 book Foundations for Soul Care, Johnson’s work offers a theological framework for understanding that faith in the Triune God has a therapeutic agenda and result.

When I graduated from college and seminary, I used to dream about owning a book store. Attending conferences throughout the year gives me a chance to have that experience. It’s a real ministry, and I love it.