The business of books?

Great books change lives. It’s been true in my own life—I can name titles, when they crossed my path, and the difference they made. I know you can too.

Classics like Mere Christianity, The Pilgrim’s Progress, and The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Newer books like The Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter franchise, or The New Jim Crow. 

My blog is shifting direction to focus on writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books.

This is a place for me to write about “the business of books.”

This phrase is a double entendre–it has a double meaning.

On the one hand…

The business of books is transformation. Books let us step into another world. They allow us to see life through another’s eyes. They help us to understand things about ourselves that we otherwise might never know.

One the other…

The thing is, books can’t change lives, shape thought, bring hope, or advance important conversations unless they have an audience. Thoughtful books deserve to be read and shared—it’s why they were written.

In order for great books to go about the business of transformation, they must be supported and advanced by the business of publishing, which it the business of books in a second sense.

This is place for us to talk both about the ideas behind books and the business of connecting books to their audiences.

I hope you’ll enjoy.