a personal revolution

Do you know when people started wearing watches on their wrists? The answer might surprise you.

It wasn’t an innovation driven by the fashion industry.

It wasn’t because a famous member of the Royal family decided to make a change.


People started wearing watches on their wrist at the Western Front during World War One. 

Until then most people kept their watch in their pocket. But a pocket’s not a good place for a time piece if you need to consult it to know when the assault takes place or the barrage begins.

You don’t want to fumble around in your pocket to get the time when lives are in your hands–or when a pistol’s in one hand and a swagger stick in the other.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The horror of trench warfare caused an innovation that revolutionized the way we tell time.

What difficulty in your life can be the source of a personal revolution? Don’t miss the chance to make a change!

Note the design that allows a watch strap but retains the classic look of a pocket watch

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