your most valuable commodity


I once had an evening meeting.

It started not too long after the close of business so I decided to work until the meeting, attend it, and then go home for dinner afterwards.

Bad idea.

As younger guy I might have been able to handle it. As a middle-aged guy, however, my body rebelled.

The meeting was intense. We were discussing important issues. Stress levels were up. Emotions were running high.

My energy level and my emotional reservoir was empty.

In the midst of the meeting, I momentarily lost it.

Nothing bad. No violence. No one was hurt.

I yelled at someone. Most people don’t like that. I know I don’t.


The truth is that I tried to manage my to do list by working late when I should have managed my energy level.

I should have had some protein.

I should have gone to the gym or for a walk.

If you succeed in doing more, but do it like a bull in a china shop…that’s not really a win.

Choose to manage your energy first–it’ll free you to make better decisions in other areas of life and work.

Suggested resources:

“Manage your energy, not your time”  in Harvard Business Review (2007).

The Power of Full Engagement (2005)

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