The gift of Lent

Lent I

I have to admit that my feelings about Lent ebb and flow. I see it’s value and I have no particular reason to deny its validity as something that benefits Christ’s church. At the same time, it does become such a production for many people. In places discussions of Lenten disciplines can be as regular as discussions about New Year’s resolutions.

During our corporate confession today a member pointed us to Olympic commentators. When we watch Olympic sports, we see what’s happening but we don’t always see clearly. We might watch someone perform a move and be wowed by it. The commentators, trained as they are, often seen not only the move but the small imperfections that cause points to be deducted from a perfect score.

Just as we don’t often see sport performances with absolutely clarity, it is also quite difficult to see our own lives with any degree of clarity.  After all, where’ in the midst of the game and its hard to call timeout and climb up to the box and looking at our lives like the coaching staff of a football team.

Lent gives us the chance to make space to do just that. To stop, pause, call timeout on our lives. And to ask ourselves the question: how goes it with my soul?

Don’t miss the chance to do some soul work–take the gift of Lent and let meet Christ in it.


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