3 questions for the end of the day

3 Questions for the end of the day


You should ask yourself three questions at the end of the work day when the garage door has closed and you’ve take as seat in your comfy chair. These questions will help you put your day into perspective as you transition to family time.

  1. What is one thing that I accomplished today?
  2. Was it the right thing?
  3. Who is one person I encouraged today?


Question one makes sure that you had a minimally productive day. If you struggle to answer the question, consider how you can take back control of your day.

Question two ensures that the your productivity was in the right direction. If you conclude that you’ve been working in the direction or on the wrong project, ask yourself why. Do you need to practice saying no or letting go of projects that are going nowhere?

Question three guarantees that you improved someone’s life in some small way. Each of has struggles of which others know little. My general rule has been to try to do something to encourage a co-worker and/or author everyday. After all, the world doesn’t need one more jerk.


In the words of the insurance commercial, “life comes at you fast.” In order to grow spiritually and emotionally its necessary to grab periods of quiet reflection throughout the day. I find that the major transitions of the day are a good place for a moment of stillness and a quick review.

Try it and leave a comment if you find this idea helpful.

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