Putting the squeeze on free thought

The United Kingdom is putting the squeeze on free thought.

Rod Dreher reports some really disturbing news from the UK concerning the rapid expansion of transgender advocacy there. Read his post.

Bear in mind that Rod is a political writer and so he addresses the issue largely in terms of rights and the public square.

I think its fair to say, based on the links that he provides, that the UK is becoming more restrictive against those who question or disagree with the expansion of transgender rights. The UK is putting the squeeze on those who publicly opposed transgenderism.

From a more pastoral and theological perspective, we in the evangelical church really must do the important intellectual work of deepening our understanding of human personhood and of human nature.

I’d encourage you to explore the work of the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson, especially his book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

Additionally, you might also look at the work of Robert George of Princeton University.

Westminster Seminary’s Carl Trueman is also working on a comprehensive treatment of human nature and transgenderism that is forthcoming from Crossway.



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