Mastering the art of business travel

Conquering business travel

The Annual Meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society are happening in San Diego this week. Like many others, I spent yesterday en route to the conference.

Booth 513 at ETS

Gratefully my flight was less than half full and so I had four hours to (literally) stretch out, read, and rest. Extra space offers extra mental and emotional capacity for introverts like me, which meant that I had a really pleasant and quite productive flight reading about habit formation.

Not all of us travel regularly for work. Over my career with InterVarsity, I’ve spent a decent amount of time on the road and have learned some lessons.

Jeff’s travel tips for work travel:

  1. Take an early flight (less chance of delay and more chance of extra space)
  2. Set productivity goals (identify what you must do)
  3. Take only what you will use (no aspirational packing)
  4. Pack an empty water bottle (don’t pay for water when you can get it for free and on demand
  5. If you travel monthly or more have a dedicated set of travel toiletries
  6. Use You Version for Bible reading
  7. Take no more than one book (especially if hardcover)

Jeff’s templated packing list for work travel:

  1. 1 pair of socks and underwear per travel day (excluding workout clothes, see #3 above)
  2. 1 dress shirt per travel day
  3. For trips 1-4 days, 1 sport coat and one sweater/alternate top; for trips 5-8 days 2 sport coats and 1 sweater/alternate top
  4. 1 pair of trousers for each two day period (alternated) and a pair of casual trousers for travel days
  5. 1 pair of shoes (exclusive of running shoes, see #3 above)
  6. 1 tie per day
  7. 1 belt
  8. 1 pair cufflinks and 1 tie clip

What are your best tips and hacks for travel?

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