Five Study Bibles you should own

Here are five highly recommended study Bibles:

NLT Life Application Study Bible – The Life Application Study Bible is unique in that it focuses on helping readers apply biblical principles to their daily lives. It includes extensive notes and features that emphasize practical application.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible – The New Oxford Annotated Bible is a highly regarded study Bible in academic circles. It includes extensive notes and articles that focus on the historical and literary context of the biblical text, as well as its theological and ethical implications.

ESV Study Bible – The ESV Study Bible is highly regarded for its scholarship, featuring extensive study notes, maps, charts, and articles that help readers understand the biblical text in its historical and literary context.

NIV Study Bible – The NIV Study Bible is also highly respected and provides a wealth of study materials, including notes, maps, charts, and articles, as well as application-focused features.

MacArthur Study Bible – The MacArthur Study Bible is known for its emphasis on a very conservative form of biblical doctrine and theology. It features study notes and articles that reflect the conservative, evangelical perspective of its author, John MacArthur.

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