Books for Pastors

Your problem

Approximately one million books are published in the United States each year.

That’s almost 2,800 books a day.

How will you find the right books on the right topics at the right time?

Let B4P help

Connecting you to resources

Books for Pastors (B4P) exists to connect busy ministry professionals with the publishing resources you need to effectively engage in the ministry to which God has called you.

Pastors are some of the busiest people I know. The ministerial vocation is a unique combination of organizational leadership, preaching and teaching, counseling, visiting, and spending time with people as they make their way through life.

Many pastors find it hard to to read. It’s sad, but true. B4P doesn’t exist to read books for you. We exist to minimize the time you spend looking for books and to give you a trusted source that will vouch for quality of the books we endorse.

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What you’ll get


We desire to give you what you need in a format that you want. As a result, each week B4P will offer a curated and annotated list of excellent books from a variety of publishers on a variety of topics. This list will be available as a downloadable article, an audio podcast, and also a video.


Pastoral ministry is, by it’s very nature, diverse. B4P is committed to the whole pastor and the breadth of the pastoral calling. B4P won’t simply be a leadership resource. It will be more.

Titles will be drawn from a variety of fields including spiritual formation, biblical studies, pastoral theology, church history, leadership, and more.

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