Are we a church separated by a common language?

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), we share a common theological language. That language, however, is filled with varying and often competing interpretations. We all say "chips," but some of us are thinking french fries and others Baked Lays. Same words. Different meanings.

The curious case of the praying valedictorian

My Facebook feed has recently started to light up with editorial responses to the young man in South Carolina who, as valedictorian of his graduating class, set his prepared remarks aside and elected to recite the Lord's Prayer in violation of the school district's prohibition of religious observance. Here's the video. Your response to … Continue reading The curious case of the praying valedictorian

Seminary as trade school: parish-based theological education?

As a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and an ordained Presbyterian minister, I spend my life sandwiched between the university and the church. InterVarsity is both a para-church and a para-university movement--we work within and beside both institutions to advance their respective missions as well as our own. InterVarsity contributes to the mission of the … Continue reading Seminary as trade school: parish-based theological education?

Incivility on College Campuses

CNN is reporting that Karl Rove was seriously heckled while delivering a speech at the University of Iowa. Members of the crowd apparently mocked him and repeatedly interrupted his speech. Since the university was paying $40,000 to listen to him, one might be tempted to think that these were some seriously expensive interruptions.There is a growing incivility … Continue reading Incivility on College Campuses

Academic Freedom and the Chemerinsky Debacle

Inside Higher Education reports on the firing of Erwin Chemerinsky as founding Dean of the Bern School of Law at the University of California Irvine, before he even made it out of his Duke University office. At some point between signing the employment contract and the beginning of his official duties as Dean, Chancellor Michael … Continue reading Academic Freedom and the Chemerinsky Debacle