Do you worship the Bible?

Precisely twice in my life a conversation partner has warned me lest I be guilty of worshipping the Bible. It's an interesting warning and, depending upon the context, there could plausibly be some merit to it. By and large, however, it's a red herring. In my case, there is rather more danger to be had … Continue reading Do you worship the Bible?

Inerrancy: an Augustinian view

One of the interesting things about my life is that I have the pleasure of inhabiting a number of intellectual worlds that, by and large, don't often come together. As an employee of a moderately evangelical campus ministry, a teaching elder in a mainline presbyterian denomination, a chaplain at a university, and someone who lives … Continue reading Inerrancy: an Augustinian view

10 Evangelical Distinctives

I recently wrote a post asking whether--and if so, how--the Presbyterian Church (USA) is evangelical. This generated some interesting conversations about what the word evangelical really means. In light of these conversations, I thought it worth exploring the variety of perspectives on the evangelical movement.

Who saves us? A word of caution

I'm a big proponent of theological formation for Christian living as well as confessional orthodoxy amongst the ordained officers of the church. At the same time, I'm aware of the subtle trap that can lead us to believe that our doctrine saves us. Jesus saves us--our responding to His grace offered in the Gospel is … Continue reading Who saves us? A word of caution

[Updated] What do Norman Geisler and Rudolf Bultmann have in common?

Update: Some have asked, does this critique of Geisler and Bultmann include a great like C. S. Lewis? To some extent, yes. In Mere Christianity Lewis attempts to justify Christian belief without appeal to revelation. By doing that, he's following Thomas Aquinas' second form of theology, that revealed by nature. He does something similar in … Continue reading [Updated] What do Norman Geisler and Rudolf Bultmann have in common?