Does studying economics make you selfish?

A fascinating discussion took place on Morning Edition just a few moments ago. Shankar Vedantum shared the results of a recent study that tries to determine whether there is a connection between the classic economics ideal of "rational self-interest" and generosity. If you want to listed to it, go here. It turns out that listening … Continue reading Does studying economics make you selfish?

Making a life or making a living?

Imagine sitting down with a financial planner and in addition to totaling your bank accounts and mapping your investments, you also mapped your significant relationships and explored your relationship to your home.

Four things I love about international travel

Tomorrow I'll be traveling to join my wife who has spent the last week in Oxford, UK. She's been participating in the Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford program at Wycliffe Hall. I'll spend the last three days of her program exploring book shops, pubs, and the town. Then, we'll spend three days together touring C … Continue reading Four things I love about international travel

Where is God in the world?

The denial and dissimulation of grace, though always a human temptation, became especially pronounced and systemic in the modern world.

The overlooked issue this election

Felix Salmon of the Reuters has an interesting blog post the real issue in this election: poverty and economic opportunity. After responding at length to Nina Easton's cover story in Fortune, "Stop bashing the rich," Salmon concludes: It seems to me that the current election campaign comes down in large part to a simple question: … Continue reading The overlooked issue this election