A throne is a seat for one

Matthew 2:1-12 Read Introduction I’ve always been interested in the Kings and Queens of England.  Growing up in England, I had a genealogy on the wall of my room that followed the succession of the throne of England from Alfred of Wessex to Queen Elizabeth II. You probably don’t know much about the Kings of … Continue reading A throne is a seat for one

It’s all about attitude

Winter in Illinois is tough. It's cold. They skies remain grey. The wind whips. And it snows. Snow is actually a consolation. I'm happy during a snow storm and for about five hours following. Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com Ice is not a consolation. Snow is beautiful. It is soft. It deadens sound. It … Continue reading It’s all about attitude

Happy New Year!

The year has turned over and now its 2021. Most of you are saying, 'thank God!' The new year is a blank slate. There's nothing written on it. 2021 is God's gift to us. Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com So, what will you do with your new year? Maybe the better question is, who … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Why the Reformation matters

University campuses have always been dangerous places. You never know where you might end up should you dare set foot on one. I doubt that Martin Luther had any inkling that one day his exercise of academic freedom (commingled with spiritual anguish) in the ancient university town of Wittenberg would set in motion a renewal movement that … Continue reading Why the Reformation matters