The scandal of the Ivy League mind

I spent last week at a conference exploring the state of the evangelical mind. I'll post more about that later in the week. As I was getting ready to leave I came across an article by Sarah Ruden that reveals the scandal of the Ivy League mind. You can read it in full here. I was unfamiliar … Continue reading The scandal of the Ivy League mind

Where have you been?

  Posts have been slow here over the last year as our family has been weighing and working toward a relocation and a change in ministry direction. In November, Anna was named as Associate Editor for InterVarsity Press. We knew we needed to move to Chicagoland and so we began to pray about the possibilities … Continue reading Where have you been?

The suffering Christ and the un-suffering God

Earlier this year I read a piece [subscription required] in Books & Culture: A Christian Review by John G Stackhouse of Regent College. I’m not terribly familiar with Stackhouse except through his small book Finally Feminist which I enjoyed immensely and would encourage you to read (it takes only an evening). While you’re at it, subscribe to Books & Culture too. It … Continue reading The suffering Christ and the un-suffering God

Analog in an a digital age

Many of us find ourselves drawn to every new Apple product released--they've been coming pretty rapidly too. I blush to admit how happy I was when I got this MacBook Air to replace my five year old MacBook with the shorted power connection that made it effectively a desk top. Journalist Gordon Martin harbors no … Continue reading Analog in an a digital age

Pick up and read…at whim!

the primary reasons for reading are pleasure and whim. The two are, of course, closely related. A whim is a sudden desire--the urge to pick up and read. Whim is the product of an underlying intellectual curiosity that enjoys entering into another's experience and having one's view of life expanded. Whim brings pleasure and where there is not pleasure, whim starts looking elsewhere.