Why do I raise support?

The question of that forms the title of this post, or permutations of it, has been asked to me in a variety of ways and in a variety of contexts over the six years I have served with InterVarsity. Sometimes it has an accusatory flavor (either against me or InterVarsity for making me do it). Sometimes there's an undercurrent of pity (poor fool, out begging for your dinner). At other times it's asked in bewilderment (are you crazy?) or in awe (you must be very holy indeed).

Biblical principles for stewardship and fundraising

When I raise personal support for our ministry, what am I aiming for? This is a really important question! I want to engage in fund raising with integrity and in a way that connects well both with who I am (my personality, temperament, etc) but it ultimately geared to the well-being of my friends with …

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