Poetry for Calvinists by Calvinists


I’ve written that imagination rather than reason is the primary human faculty. I’ve also observed that, as a general rule, conservative reformed Christians distrust the imagination. In my own intellectual journey, C S Lewis (no Calvinist) has been a wonderful guide:

He uses story to powerfully enact his theology in a way that helps it to work deeply into our souls. There’s a limit to how deeply a truth can penetrate us through the mind. Real knowledge, the sort that truly shapes and forms us, comes about through the integration of heart and mind and through enacting and embodying that truth in a physical and sensate way. This is the power of liturgy and ritual*, two good words that are rich with meaning and need to be recaptured by reformed Christians.

If you’re a fan of poetry, you should check out a blog I recently discovered: Calvinist Poets. The blog exists to help facilitate a renewal of poetry in the Reformed tradition:


I hope you’ll check it out.

The Incarnation – A Poem

The Incarnation

Robed in beauty and boundless light/You stepped forward into the temporal night/of fallen man.

And there you took upon yourself the sin/of those you created with a plan to win/then back from the Fall.

Who can count the cost of the eternal step?/Who may mirror or echo it among the fallen race of men?/None.

But in that step you prepared a way back/from sin’s night of drear and black/and once more up and into glistening eternity.

March 29, 2004.