Four things I love about international travel

Tomorrow I'll be traveling to join my wife who has spent the last week in Oxford, UK. She's been participating in the Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford program at Wycliffe Hall. I'll spend the last three days of her program exploring book shops, pubs, and the town. Then, we'll spend three days together touring C … Continue reading Four things I love about international travel

Who is my neighbor?

On Saturday I experienced a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. After spending the morning doing various things to serve our downtown community, members of our church went out and invited everyone they met to have lunch with us. Many came.

Where is God in the world?

The denial and dissimulation of grace, though always a human temptation, became especially pronounced and systemic in the modern world.

The Gospel in Vigilante Film

Harry Brown (2009) is a remarkable film. It powerfully captures the sad conjunction of individual and societal sin that creates the dark reality of life in many urban centers around the globe. What's missing from the movie are the twin themes central to Christian belief--grace and redemption.

Fulfillment through forgoing

One of the presuppositions of our culture is that more is, well, more--that with greater material affluence comes greater happiness or fulfillment, a better life. This runs counter to the principle of askesis (Gk, "exercise" or "training"). The word is the root of our word asceticism--the forgoing of material comfort for the purpose of focus or … Continue reading Fulfillment through forgoing