Five suggestions about plagiarism

Plagiarism is a sticky business. Judging by the interactions I have with friends in higher education, the appropriation of someone else's written work and intentionally passing it off as your own is quite common among college students. It has never been easier to lift text and insert it into you own document. I the quotes above were cut and pasted into wordpress. Simple. Ease, anonymity, and urgency create big incentives to take short cuts in research and to omit any or proper attribution.

Could Rob Bell work for InterVarsity? [Updated]

[Update] Resources: Mark Galli's article at CT (except for the mushy last paragraph). Tim Keller, The Reason for God. "How Can a Loving God send people to hell?" (Chapter 5). Available here. --- Celebrity pastor Rob Bell has caused an uproar in the evangelical world over the last week thanks to the release of his …

Publishing Trends: Is Less More? Updated

Michael Hyatt (President and CEO of Thomas Nelson) has posted some interesting thoughts on future publishing trends. Interestingly, Hyatt notes that 23% of titles (at least at his company) drive 90% of the revenue. Stated differently, 77% of titles bring in only 10% of the revenue. Does this mean that there are too many books …

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