Five questions about Christian fasting

A friend recently asked me some questions about the spiritual discipline of fasting. I'm not an expert on fasting, but I tried to give some straightforward answers to her questions based on my understanding of the Scriptures from a reformed perspective. I'll share a modified version of my reply to her, with her permission. Dear … Continue reading Five questions about Christian fasting

Concerning the true church

No visible Church has any right to say, "We are the only true Church. We are the men, and truth shall die with us." No visible Church should ever dare to say, "We shall stand forever. The gates of hell will not overcome us." This is that Church to which belong the Lord's precious promises … Continue reading Concerning the true church

My perspective on children and Holy Communion

One of the things I most enjoy about pastoring is leading the congregation to the Lord's Table. Holy Communion is a vital part of the Christian life, given to us as spiritual food for the journey. Ideally, I'd like to celebrate Holy Communion weekly in at least one worship service. From time to time people … Continue reading My perspective on children and Holy Communion

The five marks of an elder

The ministry of elders--both teaching and ruling elders--is crucial to maintaining a healthy congregation that follows the biblical pattern of leadership. We often take elders for granted and shape the office around secular leadership positions that we're familiar with. Some see elders as board members and others see them as heads of a family. Neither … Continue reading The five marks of an elder